I live and work in south germany and among other things i produce hand made trainingweapons in my little workshop.

As a qualified jewellerydesigner this is obvious...

Seriously: the combination of martial arts and a metal working education leads to make your own trainingblades.

Gradually i made more types of aluminium trainer, the design got better as the quality. More and more friends asked for my stuff and so i started the "Aluminium Arsenal" in 2007.

in the year 2011 the facebook profile of "Aluminium Arsenal" started and end of 2014 this homepage and onlineshop was created.


My Trainingblades are made of 6mm high durable aluminium alloy. The handles are made of Parachord 550 or beechwood. The Parachord are knoted and singed. The wooden handles ared fixed with screws and epoxy and are treated with hardening oil.


All Aluminiutrainer have a continuing serial number and the Aluminium Arsenal logo engraved by hand.